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You're the Boss, So isn't it Time
Your Bank Account Reflected it!

Whether you own the business or are running it for someone else, the buck stops with you-sometimes literally! Your decisions are directly tied to the financial success of your company. It's your responsibility to take your business to the next level. The potential is there, but will you achieve it? You need Gene Siciliano to show you how to:

  • Increase Your Bottom Line Profits: You can't control what you can't see. Take home the tools that will help you locate and isolate your biggest profit killers, learn to negotiate critical pricing deals, and implement effective new approaches to reading and understanding your income statement.
  • Predict your Financial Future: Do you know where your business is going to be five years down the road? Discover the power of metrics in forecasting future results for your company, learn to measure your company's critical performance factors and use them to drive trends, and utilize financial planning tools to find and fix potential low points in cash flow and operating margins.
  • Make the Numbers Work for You: You don't need to be an accountant to think like one. Learn how to read between the lines of your financial reports by discovering what your banker is seeing that you're not. Start realizing the critical differences between financial reports and management reports, and understand the subtle nuances of all your numbers so you can watch them work harder for you.
  • Bring the Cycle of Cash Flow Crises to an End: Where is your business leaking? Identify your most costly cash drains and learn a systematic way to eliminate them, discover the tricks to dealing with long cash flow cycles, and understand how to plan ahead to anticipate bumps along the way.

Gene Siciliano is the nation's leading expert on achieving business profitability. He has mastered the art of financial management, devoting over 25 years to helping business owners turn around companies that weren't generating enough profit, and helping growing companies generate more. His keynotes and workshops walk you through what you must know in order to control your overhead, improve your cash flow, reduce your inventory and receivables losses, and increase your net income.
Organizations from Warner Bros. International to The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals have counted on Gene to be their "CFO for RentŪ," and he has never disappointed.

Bring in Gene today and start putting more cash in the bank!

"Cash Flow. Financial Statements. Overhead. Gross Profits. Income Statements. Accounting. These terms make people's skin crawl! Entrepreneurs and business owners may have a great business idea, but without these basic money-managing skills, the profits just won't come in. You and your bank account can't afford to put off learning how to manage the financial aspects of your business any longer."

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As the author of Finance For Non-Financial Managers (McGraw-Hill 2003), Gene literally wrote the book on how to make sense out of dollars when you have a brain for business, but not necessarily a head for numbers. He uses common-sense examples from sports and real-life business cases to make learning fiscal concepts, developing accounting skills, reading income statements, and decoding financial reports accessible and relevant. And his upbeat, humorous speaking style keeps everyone loose and entertained!

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